Composed of a multidisciplinary team, Assist Developpement has developed a platform of skills. Our engineers are able to respond to the various technical constraints that may arise during the study or during the implementation of a project.

With our expert, responsive and committed teams, we implement organisational methods and rigorous monitoring, ensuring that costs and deadlines are met.

Mihaja MOYON - CEO

Project Engineering

We accompany our customers from the conception to the turnkey realization of their projects by having a single responsible interlocutor in order to optimize the costs and the delay

The phrases of the accompaniment:

    -The pre-study (field, sketches, and VRD)
    -The qualitative, quantitative and legal approach
    -Preliminary design phase (plans and initial costing)
    -Final pre-project phase (detailed plans, financial arrangements)
    -Various authorizations (building permit, environmental permit)
    -Implementation phase (planning, steering, coordination) Implementation of operating and import/export security structures with the setting up or availability of a purchasing department.

Design Office

Composed of several engineers and senior technicians, our design office provides services in the field of construction.
We establish all the strength calculations and numerical modelling in compliance with the rules and constraints.
We also produce calculation notes and execution plans. All of this is done in order to properly identify and analyse the project as a global one in order to establish the most relevant technical and financial study, within the budget and the deadline.

Desgin office - Ivandry Business Center

Specialized in turnkey projects

We carry out turnkey projects by constantly improving our technical know-how and organizational capabilities to successfully complete the projects.

Safety and adherence to schedule are our priorities. Through continuous investment in our people and equipment, we have delivered among our achievements the largest industrial unit in Madagascar, with zero incidents out of 31 million working hours and have earned recognition for this.

SNC LAVALIN - Tamatave


Assist Développement accompanies you from the pre-project phase to the commissioning of the installations including :

    - The realization of the specifications of consultation
    - The search for implementation solutions
    - Technical assistance to the implementation file
    - The technical-financial analysis
    - Commissioning

We ensure the feasibility study and the delegated project management. We help our clients to imagine the best project, to optimize the site and its resources, and then to designate all the necessary works: building, plant, dam, penstock, etc.

Assist group
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