ASSIST group has been established in Madagascar since 1994.
For more than 25 years, we have created several subsidiaries in different branches of activity, in order to meet the country’s development needs.

Ivandry Business Center

Establishment of the largest mine in Madagascar

With our experience in real estate development, we have innovated the real estate market in Madagascar by recently creating the brand « Maison Marianne »

A new process of fully insulated constructions with ten-year and anti-cyclone guarantees.

Maison Marianne / Villa Mahatony

We are a company working in all building sectors: housing, offices, industries, mall, exhibition or leisure centers, hotels, public equipment (hospitals, schools or universities, sports, etc.)

Our know-how covers both construction and design, real estate development and operation. We are constantly looking for innovations in building and civil engineering, allowing us to position ourselves on new construction methods and the uses of tomorrow


Hopital manara-penitra – Antananarivo

It is based in Ivato within the grounds of Antananarivo International Airport, from where it offers its services to Madagascar and the islands of the Indian Ocean.

We have been supporting our customers for many years, thus giving birth to a relationship of trust, as close as possible to the specific requests of each charterer.


Pack 750 XL

The only factory in Madagascar manufacturing modern building materials with expanded polystyrene insulation meeting European and international standards.

We are the market pioneers in thermal and sound insulation with a ten-year anti-cyclonic and anti-seismic guarantees.

Manufacture of an insulated panel of a wall made of reinforced concrete

Our company is specialized in the production of natural sapphires « rainbow lines » which are exceptional products in the luxury jewellery worldwide market.

Whether mounted on jewellery or for a collection, these rainbow lines are often princess cut and remain a safe value.

Rainbow Necklace

The memories of childhood are made of sublimated moments, constituting a real personal heritage.

It is for this reason that we work, through Assist Charity, tirelessly throughout the island to provide a better future for Malagasy children, by providing them with care, education, food and toys

Food distribution in a Public School – Behoririka

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